Trust Objectives

To promote such charitable purposes for the benefit of the inhabitants of Alton Pancras in the county of Dorset and the immediate vicinity as the Trustees shall from time to time think fit.

The official wording of the Trust Deed (above) has been interpreted by the Trustees to cover grants for the following:

  • Small projects for the general benefit of the village of Alton Pancras.
  • Personal grants or loans for educational or social purposes.
  • Alleviation of hardship following illness or injury.

Examples of grants provided include:

  • Substantial contribution to the cost of the Millennium Bench at Burnt House Bottom, and to its subsequent maintenance.
  • Matching village contributions towards the cost of railings along the river through the village.
  • Supporting the Village Map and The Village History projects.
  • Funding the establishment and ongoing costs of the Wildlife Area in the water meadow.
  • Purchasing marquees and tents for use of the village, particularly for the annual village fete.

The Trustees are also proposing to fund a permanent store for village assets including marquees and tents, fete equipment, and Church equipment.

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