The Alton Pancras Village Directory (APVD) is a printed document of the contact details of those Alton Pancras residents who consented to be included. It also includes a map of all the residential properties in the village. The Trust will endeavour to update this annually, but more frequently if deemed appropriate.


This Policy document only pertains to the Alton Pancras Village Directory (APVD)

The information included has been supplied by the contributors on a voluntary basis and as such they have agreed and acknowledged that it will be published in The APVD.

The information supplied by contributors will only be used by the Alton Pancras Trust (The Trust) for the purposes of The APVD. The information will not be used for any commercial purpose. The Trust will not pass any information to any third party other than its publication.

Once the APVD has been published, The Trust will no longer be responsible for the security of the published information as it will be in the public domain.

Any information stored electronically by The Trust will be stored on a non networked, password protected device.

If there is a breach of the APVD database all contributors will be notified as soon as is practicable.

The information supplied by a contributor will be retained by The Trust until a request is made by a contributor for their information to be deleted from the database of The Trust.

Any contributor may request their information to be deleted from The Trust database at any time. This will be done with immediate effect. Their information will then be deleted from the next publication of The Directory.

This Privacy Policy will be reviewed annually and will be updated when appropriate.

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